Monday, December 1, 2008

How to evaluate our students’ Globaloria projects and participation?

Amazingly, our students are well into the creation of their games. Many of you have been thinking hard about how to evaluate our students’ work, their games and presentations.

As we encouraged you in the summer Globaloria Academy, we hope that you have actually shared the evaluation forms and process with your students. If not, now would be a great time to review the evaluation forms and process with students and talk about their questions. It is important to let them understand how their participation, each and every day, in class and on the class wiki, their team work as well as their final games and their presentations will be evaluated.

The Globaloria community has collaborated on an Evaluation Tool Kit. It is located on the Educator's Wiki.

Please share with us how you change it to fit better with your students’ level, style, and accomplishments:

For example, if you are at the middle school level you may need to customize or simplify the descriptions for the performance categories. At the high school level, you may want to add an area of focus that you integrated into your class throughout the semester.

Remember, good evaluation is a critical part of the learning process and can be an extremely powerful and positive experience for your students.