Friday, April 13, 2012

Globaloria Community Connection

      On March 28, a Globaloria Community Connection was held at Randolph Technical Center in Elkins, WV.  Randolph County and Barbour County came together to share ideas, to celebrate successes, and to plan for the future.  Students in the ProStart restaurant management program at the tech center provided food to complement the main course of pizza (gamers’ delight!).
     Our special guest for the evening was Dr. Idit Caperton, who welcomed 56 guests from the two counties, including leaders, educators, students, and parents.  Idit graciously chatted with guests and posed for photos.  Students were very excited to meet her: after all, how often do they get the chance to meet the inventor of their course curriculum?  We were also honored to have Ian McQuillen and Paul Franz from Education Week in the audience.
     Randolph County Superintendent Dr. Jim Phares and Barbour County Superintendent Dr. Joe Super shared their thoughts on the value of Globaloria in their schools.  Dr. Phares compared the effects of technology on his community to the progress brought by the railroads at the turn of the century.  “Just like the railroads, this is life-changing technology that is not going away,” Phares said.
     Dr. Super added, “Globaloria allows students to own their knowledge. It provides the chance for students to participate in education as it should be, not as it is.”  Both leaders recognized their principals and teachers for their vision and dedication in providing students with the skills to succeed in college or careers through Globaloria.
     The highlight of the evening was game presentations by nine teams of students.   The following teams shared their creations:
ELKINS MIDDLE SCHOOL:  June Proctor and Eric Lucas, Educators

Team:  Black Thunder
Game:  Red Cross: Tornados

Team:  Trilobite Terrors
Game: Trilobite Terrors

Team:  Cute Is What We Aim For
Game: Oak Hill Murder

TYGARTS VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Mollie Ferguson and Melissa Walters, Educators

Team:  The Pink Fluffy Monsters 
Game: Fishie Friends

Team:  L and K
Game: Fraction Monkey

Team:  The Awesome Aliens
Game:  Jose the Space Alien


Team:  Wolf Warlock
Game: Finding Mr. X

RANDOLPH TECHNICAL CENTER:  Christina Waybright, Educator

Team:  Flash Masters 2 
Game:  Call of Technology

 PHILIP BARBOUR HIGH SCHOOL:  Allyson McNaboe and Gerald Furby, Educators

Team:  Banzai Secret Agents
Game: Gun Control

     Principals and educators attended from Philip Barbour High School Complex, Kasson School, Elkins Middle School, Tygarts Valley Middle/High School, and Randolph Technical Center.  Educators discussed the various implementation models in their schools, including stand-alone electives, content integrations, and CTE game design courses.
     Philip Barbour teachers Allyson McNaboe and Gerald Furby shared their unique collaborative model of team teaching.  Allyson’s civics students team with Gerald’s game design students.  Both teachers and students learn together in a true integration that can be replicated in other schools.  Next year, students will get two credits for the combined courses, thanks to the vision of Principal Lisa Heinbaugh.
     Tygarts Valley Principal Steve Wamsley and Elkins Middle Principal Rich Carr plan to expand Globaloria offerings in their middle schools next year.  So that students can continue Globaloria in a second year, WVDE has issued course codes for both Globaloria I and Globaloria II.  Tygarts Valley eighth graders with middle school Globaloria credit will be able to take Game Design I for high school credit.  This is a terrific idea both to retain and to recruit students for the program!
     This Community Connection was so successful that we would love to arrange Connections among other adjoining counties.  So, consider hosting a Community Connection.   You will hear from me soon to discuss options for your area!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The end of the school year is approaching so quickly and we have a few reminders for you.
1. Quarter 3 Progress Report is due April 25
2.  Second semester classes need student information added to the database
3.  Check all classes and remove extra classes, teams, and users that were created for practice or by mistake
4.  Mark students inactive who have left the class
5.  Watch the webinar for April 10 on the educator's wiki and get some great tips for preparing students for final game competitions submission
6.  If you haven't done so request Professional Reviews of student game demos

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10 Mini Workshop Tonight at 6pm EST!

Hi Everybody!

Wanted to send out a reminder about the Mini Workshop we have planned for tonight where we will be answering all your questions! Having trouble with something in Flash? Questions about anything else? Now is your chance to ask! You can post questions in the comments of this post even if you can't attend tonight and we will still answer them for you to see in the recording!

We will be meeting TONIGHT on Adobe Connect at 6pm EST. Here is the link again.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Quarter 3 Progress Report

This is just a reminder that April 25 is the due date for Quarter 3 Progress Reports.  Look forward to reading everyone's reports.