Thursday, May 1, 2008

Note about the evaluation tools.

Note: A guest post by Denise Stalnaker.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the evaluation tools are very effective. My students were given the forms in advance when preparing for presentations and were told that they would be evaluated by someone other than me. Some groups did well and some did not but they all agreed that they were judged fairly and agreed with the scores.

One of my students said that, “We work better by the seat of our pants.” However, very quickly another student spoke up and said, “No that is what we did. That doesn’t mean it is better.” The group proceeded to discuss their presentation and agreed they were not prepared and it was reflected in their performance. They have to give another presentation in May and are already thinking and planning the presentation.

If Shannon and Lee have another online Training Session on the presentation tools try to take part. You will get advice on how to prepare your students which is very helpful.

Lee's Addition: The latest Evaluation tool can be found here on the Educator's Wiki.

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