Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maitreyi's Globaloria Blog

Most of you have met Maitreyi Doshi. She is our Special Projects Coordinator for the Globaloria program here in West Virginia. Maitreyi is a gifted young lady who is going to bring a lot of energy and talent to our WV Team.  She has already conducted two training sessions related to graphic design and using images in Flash.  She has also really taken on the roll of collecting needed information from our schools.  All that paperwork that has to be done.

I am happy to announce that Maiytreyi has started a blog!  Check out her first post here.

My First Month at Globaloria

Welcome to our community and the MyGLIfe Network Maitreyi!

1 comment:

Maitreyi Doshi said...

:) that was very kind of you Lee!!! thank you so much for the intro :D i really hope to keep updating the blog regularly!