Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Globaloria Academy 2

Globaloria Academy 2 has been a blast! Thank you all for your participation, insight and great work. Jim and Bill offer some great reflections on the new educators' remarkable progress between Academy 1 and 2. We were all blown away by the games The Hillbilly Ninjas, the Fab Four, and the Battlestar Globalorias.

I was so thrilled to see the returning educators really step up as session leaders. A special thanks to Denise, Ingrida, Patrick, Angie, Jim and Bill for their help in planning and presenting this Academy.

A special welcome to Bill and Ingrida as new mentors. Your leadership will be instrumental in making this next year a success!

A highlight of the Academy was a speech and Q&A by Gaston Caperton:

To top it all off, we got to know David a little better. I'm not toeing the line when I say he's truly a great person and will be an amazing leader for you in pilot year 3.

Finally: I want all of you to teach by example with your blogs! Personalize, update and use multimedia to make your blog space not just a resource but a model for your students to follow.

Good luck!

Your GB,


Jim Allder said...

Thanks Rachel! You forgot to give yourself credit for your help at the Academy. You are definitely an inspiration!


Rachel said...

Aw-- thanks Jim!