Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exit Interview: Jeff Gray Edition

We are very sad to announce that our Wiki and Webmaster, Jeff Gray, is leaving the World Wide Workshop Foundation to pursue his music career (Jeff is a master saxophone player!), and possibly move out to sunny California (can't blame him as the November chill sets in...brr)

Jeff has provided amazing support to all of us in the Globaloria community, helped the Foundation team and Globaloria educators with all aspects of the platform and guided us like a virtual Virgil through the seven circles of Flash. Globaloria wouldn't be what it is today without you Jeff--you will be missed!

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Shannon said...

Jeff has been a stellar member of the foundation team for two years, and we will dearly miss him. Like all of you, Jeff is self taught in Flash and other technologies. He's building a creative career in game and web development that compliments his musical skills. It's inspiring and we wish him the best!

BTW - Jeff has been training another talented technologist to take over his role here. Stay tuned to meet your awesome NEW wiki and web master Meredith!