Friday, January 15, 2010

Fostering Student Motivation

Greetings Globaloria Educators and welcome to the January 2010 Mid-Year Academy!

As Bill has pointed out, it’s the New Year and time to make our resolutions; not just for change in your life, but positive change in your Globaloria classrooms. Many of you have been extremely proactive in responding to Bill’s challenge on your own blogs—and it's been remarkable to see how many of you have “resolved” to give your students exactly what Bill has given you: motivation.

As leaders of a program designed to foster the power of self-learning, you know that student motivation is a key component of success. But it's not always clear how best to generate a culture of passion in the classroom, and (harder still) how to sustain it through the many challenges students and teachers face in the process game-creation.

Your overnight blogging assignment tonight is to reflect on your own struggles with student motivation (in Globaloria and throughout your teaching career) and share strategies you've developed to ignite passion and channel it into productive learning.

Good luck, and happy blogging!



cchenoweth said...

Student motivation seems to be harder and harder the longer I teach. It is unfortunate, yet understandable, that students are not motivated in many traditional classes; because these classes do not address the needs of students or incorporate the teaching styles for today's students to learn.

LinseyBoo said...

Hey Rachel,
My name is Linsey and I am currently at Pressely Ridge White Oak in Ms. Lori's and Mr. Garvin's class. I saw where you commented to my on my fashion post on my blog. I have been trying to comment you back but every time I click on your picture it will not let me go to your blog. Do you no why. Well anyways I am really big into fashion and am looking into going to FIDM in LA. DO you like fashion?

- Linsey