Thursday, February 25, 2010

Globaloria Students Share Their Works-in-Progress

Despite the cold and snowy start to the 2010 that has caused numerous school delays and closings, Globaloria students are shining as bright as the sun and making incredible progress! Presentations by students from South Harrison High School, Randolph Technical Center, Sandy River Middle School, and Pressley Ridge School, as well as special presentations to the Globaloria Advisory Board made by students from Riverside High School and Capital High School in 2010 not only showcased the development of students’ games, but also their growing technology proficiencies, research talents, communication and collaboration skills, and leadership abilities.

Presentations varied in topic, ranging from power point decks that displayed students’ research and ideas on protecting our environment, to how to combat world poverty and hunger, to game demos focused on civics concepts.

Listening and watching Globaloria West Virginia students present their research findings, demonstrate their game demos, and speak on what they’ve learned and how they want to educate others through the creation of original web games has renewed my spirit of optimism about our nation’s future.

Globaloria WV students are great ambassadors of their generation; they are highly intelligent, compassionate, witty, and eager to create a better tomorrow for themselves, their communities, and the world. That is why it is so gratifying to be a part of the Globaloria learning community that is preparing today’s youth for leadership and success in the 21st century.

By: David Lowenstein
State Director, Globaloria WV

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