Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning step by step

Globaloria is a social media based platform where kids learn about social issues. Sixth grade students in East Austin are making games. Here is what one student expressed:

In Globaloria Im proud of being able to make a also proud of I have learned about how you need a code for any action you want in the game you are making.

Globaloria has tools that help kids learn to create games in Flash.

In addition, students are thinking about issues in their community that they want to address. Here is one student's step-by-step learning process:

A social issue that i would like to explore in my game is bulling

3 questions people generally have about this topic:

* Question 1:why do people do that to people?
* Question 2:Is people try to stop it?
* Question 3: does it make the bully-er feel better when they bully people?

The support for learning about social issues AND building a game exploring solutions to those problems AND being able to share ideas- this all comes together in Globaloria.

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