Monday, October 17, 2011

Time Marches On...

Reposted from my Globaloria Blog:

This fall, actually going back to this past summer, I have found myself to be more busy with less down time than almost anytime I can remember.  I have allowed myself to have multiple layers of responsibility including my primary job as Director of Instrumental Music at GEHS(Marching Band instruction, design, implementation), responsibilities with Globaloria (Mentor, Lead Educator), responsibilities with my personal marching band show design company (Lead Designer), and of course responsibilities with my home and family. 
Due to these many overlapping responsibilities, I often find myself at a deficit when it comes to time to complete everything - thus my relatively vacant blog as of recent.  However, I am reminded that no matter what, no matter how much any one of us has going on, time marches on. 

Time does not care how busy we are.  Time ruthlessly moves forward with or without us. 

It is up to us as individuals to make the choices of what is most important.  What will be our priority as we swim through the ever flowing river that is time.  Again, time does not care what we choose to make important to us.  But those around us do.  Those who are most affected by the choices we make will remember the impact we had as time forgets. 

Ultimately, what we leave behind is that impact, that inspiration on those around us.  No matter what responsibility(ies) I may be concerned with at a certain time, I will try to do my best to make a positive impact on my students, my friends, and most importantly my family.   I will not fight time for the right to make that impact.  I will let it flow (because it is going to anyway), and I will do what I can in the time available  to achieve my goals and outcomes. 

How does time impact your decisions?  How do you prioritize your responsibilities?  Comment and let me know!


Denise Stalnaker said...

It is true that there are never enough hours in the day or maybe it should be I never have enough energy in a day to complete all the tasks I need to complete. It is funny that you made this post because I have been trying to work out in my mind a schedule to add exercise which I have dropped because of time. I know it is up to me to make decisions and arrange time for it but it seems like something always "comes up."

Thanks for the post and it is a reminder to all of us that we control what we do.

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