Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 21 Academy

In the past we have traveled to Charleston for the mid-year academy and weather has always been an issue. So this year we'll try something new: a virtual academy (January 21--11:00 AM EST-2:00 PM EST) with some pre-academy assignments. A character will be doing the traveling!

As educators we sometimes forget that we need to continue to learn. We are so busy getting ready for the next day that learning takes a back seat. Then when you add family and other responsibilities, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. So learning is moved to the trunk.

Globaloria forces us to move that learning to the front seat. We complain about it sometimes, but look what it is doing for us. We are doing coding we never dreamed we would use, editing and using wikis, blogging, and working as a group. My brain hurts thinking about it sometimes.

For most of us it is not an easy class to teach, but we do it because we think it is what the students need. Coming out of the comfort zone has been hard for many of us, yet seeing what students are able to achieve has been overwhelming. We are giving them opportunities to explore a world they did not know before.

So, I'll see you January 21 in the front seat with me. Beforehand, don't forget the pre-academy activities. Some educators have already posted their work there, so check it out and add your own activities.

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