Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nice Surprise

I was invited to attend the annual WVCTE Legislative Breakfast this morning in Charleston, WV. Little did I know that I was going to hear about Globaloria during this event. WV House of Delegates member Mary Poling, who is also the chair of the House Education Committee, said made some very surprising remarks. Ms. Poling stated that she had recently taken some time from her legislative duties to visit some schools in Barbour County. She said that one of the best educational programs that she had seen in a long time was Globaloria and discussed how the CTE game design class was working with a civics class to develop a game. Ms. Poling discussed how they had to work together to combine the two areas and we needed to be doing more activities like this.

Allyson McNaboe and Gerald Furby are the educators leading this collaboration. Check out what there students are doing to make such an impression on Ms. Poling!

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Anonymous said...

Always exciting when our legislators take time to see what is happening within our classrooms!