Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Straight from the Help Desk! -- March Edition

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Happy Wednesday everyone!

It is March, and that means that Globey deadlines are approaching soon. The next big deadline for many of your students in the Game Demo, due in early April. For a full list of deadlines for your area, please see any of the following links.

Via the World Wide Workshop homepage (available to all)
Via Globaloria Central (available to registered users, including students)
Via the Globaloria Educators platform (available to registered teachers only)

Moreover, since many of your students have been using Globaloria and programming for some time, they may need a refresher. Check out the Actionscript Cheat Sheet as a helpful reference for your students' team or hidden object games. It reviews syntax, programming topics, and some other things that your student might need for their projects.

There is a printable version of this page, as well as many other great resources on your school's Help Center!

Have a great day! =D

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