Thursday, February 28, 2008

Globaloria Presentation at CPD Professional Development Showcase

Shannon and I presented two (the same presentation) sessions yesterday at the CPD Professional Development Showcase. We felt the sessions went well considering that the conference center had NO internet access. The second challenge was that we didn't even have a projector for the first half of the first session. But the attendees were great and Shannon did a great job getting us through that initial hurdle.

Our session was designed to introduce potential new schools to the Globaloria program. We presented the vision, the implementation framework, the larger family of social networks, and finally how they (or you) could join. We showed some videos and some screencaps that we had grabbed as backups to actually surfing the wikis, (just in case the internet was down). Here are the slides.

We also handed out an application to everyone who attended so that, if interested, they could provide us with some information about their school. We had one school return the application at the end of the session and another school schedule a time for us to come and visit with their educators. It was really great. The application is posted here if you are interested.

Toward the end of the presentation we discussed how important it is that we get great educators who are passionate in teaching in new and innovative ways. If you aren't already a Globaloria partner and this sounds perfect for you and your school, fill out the application and maybe you could be the next partner in the Globaloria Community.


Idit Caperton said...

Lee and Shannon -
Thanks for working hard on this PPT presentation to all interested educators and decision makers in West Virginia - during CPD annual event at Stonewall Resort last week. Too bad there was no Internet connection! However, the slides and videos are very powerful and clear.

I am sitting at the airport with Gaston waiting for our flight... I just completed giving him the full presentation. He is so inspired that he made a commitment to donate the full income of the "Caperton Foundation" to Globaloria-WV!

I hope all our WV Educators and Advisors will use this presentation on a regular basis. Please post it on the Educators wiki, maybe add a link on the WV Home page.

Cheers, Idit.

Lee Kraus said...

Wow Idit, that is great news. It is great to get additional support for West Virginia. Please express our appreciation to Gaston.

We will continue to share the presentation and encourage others to learn about Globaloria. The presentation and application are both posted on the WVEducators site.

Again, thanks for the great news and thanks for sharing it on our blog!

Denise Stalnaker said...

Lee and Shannon the presentation looks great. It is exciting to see the program expanding.

Lee Kraus said...

Thanks so much for the comment Denise. A lot of success is based on how much you have put into our program. Thanks for being such a great member of the team!