Friday, February 15, 2008

Social Networking and Gaming

Wow, a week got by me and I didn't get a lot posted.

Here is an article about how the popularity of social networks and the popularity of games are starting to combine. It is interesting because many of these games are similar to the ones that our students are creating in Globaloria. There is a large market for friends getting together online through Facebook or MySpace and playing cards or scrabble.

Just imagine Globaloria getting to the place where we are coming together online and playing collaborative games. We really aren't that far away. We have some great games.

Update: Here is another story from the gaming industry. It looks like there is a lot of investment going into these games.


Jaci WD said...
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Jenny Bardwell said...

How best can we learn from each other's game designs by posting them on the wiki? I'll partially answer my own question, but hope others will enlighten me with additional ways.

1) If someone downloads their .fla file I can open this in Flash to view their ActionScript or how they do timeline.
2)I can e-mail a person and ask them to explain an aspect of their game to me.