Monday, March 24, 2008

Game Movement Trouble

UpDate: We have already identified the issue here. It is great to see the community support address the issues quickly. It was a cut and paste issue.

I received this email today and I looking for some of you who have already worked through this process to help out....
Some of the students are having problems with the coding in Animation I, Elementary Programming. For example, (Cradox) cannot get the code from the game, Game Movement [the basics] - Part 1 to work properly. The game will execute on the website, but the code does not seem to work for them. [One student] will be putting a copy of his game with errors on his wiki page under the heading Animation 1. Could someone take a look at it and see what may be the problem?

Some of the other students have tried various segments in the Elementary Programming, but have the same problems. They were wondering if it could possibly be because they are using a different version of Flash.
I am posting the issue here on my blog so that anyone who might have already run into this issue can offer some support. Maybe you have already worked through the tutorial or you use a different version of Flash. Or maybe you can just offer a word of encouragement.

So if you are within a hyperlink of this problem.... lend a hand?

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