Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things in Process Here at Globaloria

There are a lot of great things going on in Globaloria right now. I thought I would take a moment and share some of them. The students are really working hard on their games. Check the wikis and you will find a lot of new digital artifacts and game components. It is really getting cool to watch the complex games pieces come together.

In Crittenton all the students are creating their own design and they are going to pull together pieces of that for their own game. At Clay County High School, now one of our most active groups on the wiki, each student is creating their own game. And at MCTC, the students are really finalizing their group project and will be providing a live demo in April.

Our Internship Program has been underway for about four weeks now and we are seeing a lot of great things. They have created tutorials based on requests from the educators and they are each blogging. Check it out here, here, and here. The Interns are also starting to provide guidance to some of our students through their wiki. Students helping students.

And our educators have been very busy as well. They have been guiding students. Kasson Middle School lead educator Chad has been conducting daily presentations to his group, all the educators are preparing and submitting their reports, and they will be participating in an online mini-workshop very soon.

Finally, our recruiting efforts are in mid-stream. We have reached out to schools through our presentation and asked them to complete this application. It is really neat that we are getting referrals from our existing schools (Thanks guys!).

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