Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Game Design Challenges

Note: This is another Guest Post from Denise Stalnaker.

Everyone out there—I am interested in hearing from you. What has been the biggest challenge doing game design at your school? What has been the greatest reward?

My challenge has been determining what to use for test grades and how to score assignments as a test grade. My reward has been being able to see what my students were able to achieve and produce. From graphics to music to movement to game concept, I have been impressed with what the students have created.

This is my reward—Game Design II Game—

Let us learn from each other’s challenges and share in the joy of the rewards.

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Idit said...

Hey Denise, Thanks for sharing your personal reflections on challenges and rewards of Globaloria projects.

It is so nice to see your students progress. As you know, we are developing evaluation tools for assessing the learning -- many different kinds of learning and problem solving -- all that's going on during Globaloria project-based learning of making educational games. There are many technical skills and new media literacy skills that are gained and we all need to figure out how to describe the value of this program. The students' engagement is clear. That's great!

I think it is important to evaluate the process not just the product itself. Even in cases where the final game product is not complex - the process to make it is complex and rich. Share more thoughts :) Idit.