Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ripples and Stones

Throw a stone in a lake and watch the ripples as they spread out and eventually fade.

Take a moment this year to really look at what you have accomplished. When you look at your students' games in the Game Gallery, don't think about if they got as far as you wanted them to or how you are going to retool your approach for greater success. Think instead of the students' struggles at the beginning of the class. Don't look at the grade they received, see the creativity of their work and great effect you have had on every single student in your class.

Toss a stone in a lake and eventually the ripples will go away but the lake is forever changed by the presence of the stone. So no matter how great or little the change you saw in your student's work, your stone has caused a change that they will carry for the rest of their education.

Until next time, the soap box is yours.