Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Globaloria Blogger!

Greetings educators, students and friends! My name is Rachel and I’m happy to announce that I have come on board at the World Wide Workshop Foundation as the Assistant Program Coordinator in our New York office, and am your newly-christened GB (Globaloria Blogger).

Lee Kraus, our Globaloria Program Manager in West Virginia in 2008, started this blog in 2007 and I spent the last few days reading all his fascinating posts! It’ll be a challenge to fill Lee’s shoes, but I intend to jump into this blog as author just like I jumped into my new position at World Wide Workshop (and just like you all jumped into the Globaloria Academy): a wild plunge into the deep end.

I’m still recovering from an exciting trip to West Virginia, where I spent my first few days of work right in the eye of the storm at the Semi-Annual Globaloria Advisory Board Meeting, hosted by the First Lady Gayle Manchin and Dr. Idit Harel Caperton (my foundation’s President & Founder).

It was a lot of fun to get to meet First Lady Gayle Manchin my first day on the job!

I had opportunity to meet many members of the Globaloria community, see some amazing student presentations, visit a school, and am still catching my breath from taking in the beautiful West Virginia landscape. Suddenly, the potted plants lined up on my Brooklyn apartment’s windowsill seem to lack…grandeur.

Happily, it will not be long before I’m back in Charleston for the Globaloria Academy (June 24-26). I look forward to meeting all of you in the Globaloria learning community!

As the new kid on the (virtual) block, I ask you to share your insights, links and comments with me. Successful blogs are first and foremost forums for dynamic dialogue, idea exchange and communal learning. Let’s work together to reenergize the Globaloria blogosphere!

Your GB,


Lee Kraus said...


Great first post! I am so glad to see that you are going to step in and continue the Globaloria blog. Thank you for the kind words, but I am sure you will do great.

It was great to have you come and visit our Mountain State. Please come back soon.

Good Luck! Remember I am here if you have any questions.


wvdesigndiva said...

Nice to read your post Rachel. Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself.

Rachel said...

Thanks for your request wvdesigndiva! I'll post on that shortly!

Anonymous said...

Did Gayle tell you that even though her husband has been cheating on her for years, he won't suffer the same fate as Mark Sanford because he's a Democrat?