Friday, December 21, 2007

Causes of Wiki Errors

We had an Internal Server Error show up on one of the wikis yesterday. It was not the first time this week we have had this happen. In both cases the issue has been with File Upload activity. The first issue was file size. Large images can cause problems for the wiki. We are working on a technical solution for that issue.

Here is a description of the other issue. It is about using brackets when you name a file. This is an explanation of one example that caused the error.

On her PC the file name was "file1-[1].swf" . When she uploaded it to the wiki it changed to "File1-1-.swf"

That is done because wiki used the chars "[" and "]" for LINKS.

On her page she wrote "file=File1-[1].swf|width=500|height=400|quality=best|scale=showall"

I posted a page here to discuss this issues in more detail.

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