Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Create a New Course Curriculum in Realtime

Imagine if you will... you are teaching a class. It could be anything English, Math, Science, or even Technology. The textbook for the course has a tutorial that introduces a primary concept, however, unlike a lot of the text this first tutorial uses an instructional method that is not very effective for your classroom. It is factual, but your students don't really grasp the concept when through go through the activity. So, as their Instructor, you decide that you need to identify a new tutorial to replace that one, or at least augment or add to that instruction. So you go find one on the Internet and stick it in the text.

Well this happened, today. Except it wasn't a textbook it was a wiki.

The MyGLife students in Charleston were working on the Interaction section of the curriculum that taught them how to create a button. Their Instructor found another module that was also helpful in teaching the creation of Flash buttons and just added to the wiki (well actually a student added it to the wiki). New instruction for everyone in a matter of moments.

This is what it looked like before....

Add here it is after. Simple, easy, effective!

If you are a MyGLife Educator, make your wiki your own and maybe keep an eye on the other classes wikis as well!


Ryan said...

As a designer, I realize anything that cuts out the cruft and gets down to the point is forward progress. Nice change!

Lee Kraus said...

That is true Ryan. Thanks for the comment.