Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flash Examples: The Makings of a Game

The Globaloria project is about acquiring the knowledge and skills to create a game that can make a change. To do this you have to "dig in" and start learning. There is no cramming at the end, you have to start thinking about your project and using the tools that are going to make it happen. For our students, this is about collaborating, brainstorming, working with images and designs, and about learning Flash. I am learning this really quickly as I come up to speed with our students projects. Check out this project by our student at MTC.

If you follow the link by clicking on the house you can check out the animation. There is a lot that goes into the design and animation of a small Flash project like this one. Building these smaller projects give us a basic understanding. Then we start to combine ideas, techniques, and technologies to build a game.

Stay tuned (or connected) we are going to be looking a lot more examples and ideas for all of our students that are participating in Globaloria-WV.

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