Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BBS Interviews Dr. Caperton

Dr. Idit Caperton was interviewed by the BBC about Globaloria. Here are the details.

BBC's "CULTURE SHOCK" -- Philip Dodd and Martin Raymond of the Future Laboratory discuss new ideas, inventions and trends.

In this edition (27 minutes-long):

1. Canaries for the Age of Terror
Using cockroaches and genetically modified fish as biosensors to guard our homes against chemical and biological agents: Austrian designer Marei Wollersberger explains why she designed a bio-safe home.

2. Internet Reputation Defenders
Worried that what’s written about you on the internet might put off potential employers? Don’t want your new partner to see those embarrassing pictures of you and your previous girlfriend on Facebook? Michael Fertik’s Reputation Defender offers to spruce-up your internet image.

3. 21st Century Games (last segment, starts at about 16 minutes into the show)
Forget computer games for kids. What they really want – and what might also give them a chance to get a decent job - are computer games that they design themselves. Idit Caperton's new internet project MyGLife teaches kids from deprived backgrounds how to build web 2.0 games and the value of collaborating online with people from other countries.

It will be broadcast live from Monday 14th January worldwide. Here is a tool to find out how you can listen wherever you are http://www.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/worldservice/psims/ScheduleSDT.cgi

You can listen online for seven days after the 14th ( and download it ) : http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/culture_shock.shtml


Jenny Bardwell said...

As I listened to Idit's words in this conversation, I thought about how wonderful this gaming design opportunity is for us to learn how to be creative. For decades now, technology and cultural norms have taken creative opportunities out of our lives. Example, we have become couch potatoes by watching the wonders of the world on a screen. We watch creative shows and images; meanwhile we have lost touch with our own creativity. Another example: Many people don't like going outside. They don’t know how to be entertained and interact with the outdoors anymore. Dirt is something to feel "yucky" about, instead of using it to grow, build, muck about in, and learn from. With Globaloria, we are given an opportunity to be entertained by creating our own entertainment. Why else would I be excited to get home from work on the weekend, sit in front of my computer after a whole week’s worth of computer tasks, and feel thrilled? I now have a chance to create a game, integrate my own art work whether through drawings or photos, challenge my intellect with actionscript, and share it with people who are truly interested and doing the same thing. I am jazzed!

Lee Kraus said...

Jenny, Interesting comments. I don't really share in the experience of seeing people being couch potatoes. I hear that sentiment in the media and from others, but I don't really have any evidence of it with the people I know or spend time with.

Having said that, I completely share your enthusiasm with the creativity involved with building a game. It is so exciting to express your thoughts and ideas, build something, and be challenged.

Thanks for sharing, I love hearing you ideas.