Monday, January 7, 2008

Collaborative Documents

I was asked this question via email today...

Do you recommend google documents or wikispaces or another free service? I would like this website to enable us to upload documents to share and collaborate on, revise with most recent version available, see a history of saved documents, organize documents into folders...actually sounds like what the Globaloria Wiki site enables us to do.

My Reply...

There are a couple of options. Google Docs and allow collaborative documents. They are not in Office format by default, but you can "save as" into a Word file. Both keep a copy of every version, organize by folder.

They both require that you have an account with their service i.e. a gmail or Zoho account.

I recommend Google Docs (I use it for most things.)

A wiki will allow you to collaborate on an html page in a public or private space. It is meant for public or open editing and maintaining artifacts. It is probably less functional for collaboration on word processing documents, although can be used for that.
Does anyone else have any specific thoughts on a service they use?

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