Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome Back and Creative Kick Start

I realize that many of you involved in the MyGLife project are just getting back from the holiday break and from the winter storm that passed through last week. I just wanted to say welcome back and I will be watching for those new and creative game ideas that I can spotlight on this blog. If any of you know of some great work that is happening that I haven't shared on this blog, LET ME KNOW!

Also, I just had to share these two videos... A few years back was privileged to be a participant in a workshop by Ben Zander. It was totally incredible. When I found these videos I thought it would be great to share with anyone looking for a creative jumpstart to the new year.

Working with Youth

Presenting on Transformation


Jenny Bardwell said...

Has anyone seen Brian Sizemore's latest creative design? Here is the url: []?

I think its' fantastic and I want to know how he did it. I can't log onto the Clay wiki site to leave a comment for Brian. Nor do I see where his wiki is for me to see the programming of this image.
Exciting stuff!

Lee Kraus said...

Thanks for pointing this out. It is fantastic. I'm not sure about the Clay wiki. Have you checked with Jared, Warren, or Randy? Let's check with them.