Monday, January 28, 2008

A few Project Links for Globaloria

I wanted to take a second to post some valuable project links. From time to time, I will try and post links that might be useful or just might be interesting to be put in a list.

Globaloria West Virginia homepage: – A clickable map that highlights and links to the current pilot sites.

Globaloria WV blog: – The globaloria blog. I try to spark conversations, provide help with technical issues and share interesting ideas that will inspire, and help program participants. Be sure to read this post -- an interview with Dr. Idit Caperton who has provided the vision of the program.

MyGLife RTC wiki: - See a real group of program users in action! This is the virtual space where the Randolph Technical Center pilot group (Denise’s class) work on their games and share ideas.

WV Educators’ Wiki: - This is kind of like a virtual teachers’ lounge, where all the educators and stakeholders in the program share ideas and information.

These are all good links to check out if you are new to Globaloria. I'll post more links soon.

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