Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Student Presentations in one word: AWESOME

We attended the student presentations at RTC yesterday and they were awesome. They students were so passionate and engaged about their games. There were seven groups and it took us two and half hours to get through everyone. One young lady even explained how she wished they hadn't had so many snow days, so they could have spent more time on the game.

How great is that?

The students all spoke well and were dressed very professional. They took their presentations very serious and all their hard work was obvious. I will try to show some examples and share more pictures soon. We even took some video, so maybe we can show a clip or two from that.

Finally I want to take a moment to congratulate the students who worked so hard and to Denise Stalnaker who did such a wonderful job being a facilitator, mentor, and co-learner to the group. Way to go Denise!


Shannon said...

Congratulations to Denise and her stundents! I really wish I could have been there, and I can't wait to play with the final games on the RTC wiki!

Lee Kraus said...

I can't wait until you see the video Shannon. You are going to love it.