Friday, January 11, 2008

What does a Globaloria Classroom Look Like?

So if you are considering joining the Globaloria program, you may be wondering what the environment looks like. So when I was in Elkins this week I grab a photo and short video with my poor quality cell phone. So check them out.

Take note of the sweet iMacs. Wow. I want one so bad.

Now check out this video. The students are trying to wrap up their games for their presentation next week on the 15th. They are needing to add audio. As you will note in this video, there was a long script that had to be written and actors were hired and of course there is always some danger involved in game development. You will see the observers move to a safer location.

So as you can see, a Globaloria classroom is a little bit different then a 'traditional" classroom. They are engaged, talking it out, working together, and some of them have really cool iMacs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, This is so so true, I used to teach kids to program games with Game Maker and my class was just like that - kids running around to see each others games and asking for help from each other and all the time there was background sounds from the games:)

Another thing this reminds me is that in the regular instructional way of teaching the teacher is the one asking questions and the kids are answering, But in the Constructionist way of teaching its the other around - the kids ask the teacher for help and he/she walks around helping them. I am saying all this because I found that teaching programming games is a great opportunity to be a Constructionist teacher! the kids are so eager to learn by themselves its amazing to see!


Lee Kraus said...

Hey Itay. Thanks for the great comment. I am wondering, what is Game Maker? Is it a software package? What types of games did your students make?